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my issue with online interactions
4 days ago
⭐️ i know love as a fading thing
2 days ago
I'm ditching spotify
5 days ago
A Reminder to Take a Walk and Breathe
9 days ago
The torture of being exposed to people who live on a totally different frequency
6 days ago
Morning Shower Incident 🦗🦗🦗
2 days ago
a day ago
Unedited thoughts
2 days ago
Bearblog in a Nutshell
10 days ago
a life lived diligently
2 days ago
Re: a life lived diligently
21 hours ago
On keeping a book past its due date
2 days ago
Finding peace in settling down more than traveling
3 days ago
3 days ago
goodbye to all that
15 hours ago
Life Update
8 days ago
The indie web is saving my sanity
14 days ago
it might as well be you
3 days ago
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Re: The Privilege of Optimism
18 hours ago