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Im glad you’re here. Dont go anywhere.
3 days ago
reclaiming hobbies
8 days ago
Mental torture of having too many interests
5 days ago
Bearblog customization is cool
7 days ago
[Food] Proposed amendments to one knuckle rice rule
3 days ago
On the price of happiness
11 days ago
What wants to be written?
3 days ago
old files, distant memories, the passage of time
3 days ago
my personal-web pet peeves 🖥️
3 days ago
it's a - duck blur!
3 days ago
the faces gone with the wind
2 days ago
Taking the Final Step to De-Google
4 days ago
Public Toilets Are Disgusting
a day ago
marching forward
5 days ago
No More Social Media
4 days ago
a month ago
I got published!
10 days ago
A Cowardly Non-apology
4 days ago
Not ready for blogging?
2 hours ago
ésa es la vida que te tocó vivir
3 days ago