EV startup Fisker files for bankruptcy
an hour ago
Threads finally launches its API for developers
2 hours ago
CuspAI raises $30M to create a Gen-AI-driven search engine for new materials
2 hours ago
SUSE wants a piece of the AI cake, too
2 hours ago
Google brings Gemini mobile app to India with nine Indian languages support
4 hours ago
Finbourne taps $70M for tech that turns financial data dust into AI gold
9 hours ago
Can quick commerce leapfrog e-commerce in India?
11 hours ago
TechCrunch Space: A new era for human spaceflight research
11 hours ago
After 20 months of trying to raise funds, insurance startup Loop cuts staff
11 hours ago
ChatGPT: Everything you need to know about the AI-powered chatbot
12 hours ago
Apple kills Pay Later feature ahead of Affirm integration
13 hours ago
Astroscale’s space junk inspection satellite snaps a close-up photo of a discarded rocket stage
14 hours ago
DeepMind’s new AI generates soundtracks and dialogue for videos
15 hours ago
US sues Adobe for hiding termination fees and making it difficult to cancel subscriptions
16 hours ago
Perplexity now displays results for temperature, currency conversion and simple math, so you don’t have to use Google
16 hours ago
From sperm freezing to accounting tools, Finaloop scores $35M to solve e-commerce retailers’ bookkeeping headaches
16 hours ago
Runway’s new video-generating AI, Gen-3, offers improved controls
17 hours ago
YouTube is experimenting with Notes, a crowdsourced feature that lets users add context to videos
20 hours ago
Plant-based ‘meat’ startup Tender has already nabbed a fast-food chain contract, and another $11M
20 hours ago
TikTok ads will now include AI avatars of creators and stock actors
20 hours ago