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16 Sep, 2023

I’ve been on and off for some years now. I am an on and off blogger and tend to switch a lot between different services (Posthaven, Micro.Blog,, Bearblog) because I like to try different services for real, during a long period of time. Different services are good for different purposes, but that is something that’s hard to realise just after a couple of posts on there.

To me the editor is important. I write 99 percent of all my posts on my phone. (I’m writing this on an IPhone 12 mini). Images is also important. Speed and accuracy as well. And if you get a feeling that the people behind the service are nice people with values you share, well then you know you’ve found something worthy your time and money.

Bear doesn’t cost a single dollar. Not even a Swedish krona. Still the services is fantastic. And it has improved during the years I’ve been on here.

I can’t promise I will only use Bearblog but I know I’ll stay on. After reading this by it’s founder Herman my love for Bear is growing even bigger.

One thing special with Bear is the simplicity. A lot of services promises simplicity but this one really is simple. And it is sooo good looking – on all devices. The readability and speed is another thing. You press publish and your post is published.

I lift my hat to Herman and his Bear.

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