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11 Sep, 2023

today was one of those days i had to stay in bed all day, because my body was against me LOL. so i didn't go for a walk, and my teku teku angels will be sad. i'm sorry angels!! i will walk tomorrow ;-; ive been walking in bad weather, and in late hours, but today i just can't do it :X i can hardly leave my bed!!!

as a result of sleeping in and having my vpets on silent, i missed my micalun & devitan fighting and i lost 4!!!! angels!! i woke up with 3 bandaid counts ;; WAHHHH!! grinding for characters is so time consuming that even losing just one feels painful, but 4 is doubly painful. on the bright side, just a few more characters till i completed the roster! i got the final secret 13th devil, still working away for those angels >:O


i recently realized these micalun & devitan stickers actually reveal the secret characters, so i know the secret angel character is some kind of heart? since the 13th devil is the sun! just take a look at the upper right stickers:


anywho, my teku teku angel "due" evolved into panda gel, whilst my OG teku teku angel is still in its blob form. basically:

  • teku teku angel due: 1,000 steps daily goal, 30 days total gameplay
  • teku teku angel OG: 4,000 steps daily goal, 90 days total gameplay

so one of them is usually always happy, because i can reach 1,000 steps in just a day of staying at home XD but today will be the first time i don't reach any step goals, so i wonder how panda-gel will transform?! google lens has an easier time translating the teku teku angel over the tamagotchi, so at least i can still enjoy the messages of encouragement _


sorry panda-gel! today i just can't do it :prayerhands:

when i'm feeling more able and have sunlight in my side, i'll be able to update my micalun & devitan sprite library. tonight however, i'm going to take it easy and have a beer... ahhh cheers everyone!