The dictatorship in Turkey is (hopefully) falling tomorrow!

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We have the most important election tomorrow on May 14th.

Current government, AKP party, has been in power over 20 years and it is corrupted like hell. It destroyed our economy, culture, laws, nature, health system, education, reputation and lots of stuff I don't remember right now.

It is an election of existence for Turkish people. If we lose this election, we probably will lose our future.

Tomorrow, there is an election and there is a high chance we will kick these dictatorship out and get our freedom back. There are tons of stuff we have to fix in our country and I know it will take time to restore it as they left 20 years of damage. Yet, with a right approach and management, I'm sure we will be able to make use of our full potential. Not everything will be fixed instantly, but the atmosphere will soon gain momentum for the better.

Once we have that momentum for the better, we will feel alive again.

This election is very important not only for Turkey but also for the world. It will be a proof to the world that dictatorships can be overthrown. It will inspire all countries living under dictatorships.

So I'm really excited that we will get rid of this dictatorship.

On May 15, we will either wake up to a new and bright Republic of Turkey or sink into darkness. I will vote tomorrow and share a new post about the results later.

Whoever reads this, please wish Turkish people luck!

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