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The easiest way to build and release mobile apps.

fastlane handles tedious tasks so you don’t have to.

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Automate your development and release process

fastlane is an open source platform aimed at simplifying Android and iOS deployment.

fastlane lets you automate every aspect of your development and release workflow.

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Automate screenshots

Automatically generate localized screenshots for the app store

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Beta deployment

Easily distribute beta builds to testers

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App Store deployment

Publish a new release to the app store in seconds

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Code signing

Code signing

Reliably and consistently code sign your app–no more headaches

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Generate localized app store screenshots in minutes.
  • Automatically capture localized screenshots for each language and device your app supports
  • Configure it once, and store the configuration so anyone on the team can generate screenshots
  • Work on something else – fastlane takes screenshots without interrupting your other tasks

Capture screenshots on

iOS and Android

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Easily publish new beta builds to testers so you can get valuable feedback, fast.
  • Automate the most time-consuming beta distribution steps including incrementing the build version, code signing, building and uploading the app, and setting a changelog
  • Support for over 15 beta testing services including TestFlight, Crashlytics Beta, Play, and Hockey
  • Freely switch between beta services without needing to reconfigure fastlane

Distribute betas on

iOS and Android

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Automate the entire app store deployment process.
  • Create a repeatable custom workflow to build, upload and distribute new releases to the app store
  • Upload and manage all of your app’s metadata including screenshots
  • Automatically submit new versions of your app for review

Publish apps on

iOS and Android

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Avoid the frustration of managing code signing identities.
  • Store your code signing identities and profiles in your own private, encrypted git repository to securely sync them across machines
  • Once set up, every developer on your team can reproduce signed builds on any computer

Simplify signing

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Continuous Integration support

Fastlane integrates effortlessly into existing CI services, including:

Bitrise logoCircle CI logoJenkins logoTravis CI logo

Extend fastlane

Customize your deployment workflows using the hundreds of community built fastlane actions and plugins.



Fastlane is AMAZING! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️


Twitter logo@nicollhunt 2:46 PM - 21 Jun 2017


Some free advice: if you develop mobile apps you really need Fastlane. It's a game changer.


Twitter logo@deadwinter 7:01 PM - 5 Apr 2017


I'm mad I haven't been using @FastlaneTools sooner.

This is 🔥🔥🔥!


Twitter logo@t_guidon 4:03 PM - 27 Jun 2017


I love @FastlaneTools ❤️

Generating all the screenshots for iTunes Connect with one line of code feels like cheating.


Twitter logo@haawa799 8:42 AM - 11 Jun 2017


Software like @FastlaneTools makes me glad to build stuff. Still kinda shocked that it's possible to send builds to Testflight w/ 1 command


Twitter logo@austinlouden 10:31 PM - 20 Feb 2017


How fastlane works

Fastlane lets you configure lanes to support your team’s deployment workflows. Use a single command to run a lane.












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Become a fastlane contributor

The strong open source community that contributes to fastlane is part of what makes it great. With over 700 contributors, we're building the most powerful set of tools for deploying mobile apps. Check out our GitHub repository for information on how to contribute and to become a core contributor.

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