How to Spend 20 Hours

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17 Sep, 2023

I've been looking into a few video games lately, all with a length of around 15-20 hours. That didn't seem like a lot at first glance, but then I realized that there's a lot of things I can do with that same amount of time:

  • Take a night school course (2 hours/week * 10 weeks)
  • Read a long book (50 pages/hour * 20 hours = 1000 pages)
  • Start one of the passion projects I've been thinking about

Putting those things side-by-side with a single video game, it seems like working on a new skill is the obvious choice. At the same time, it feels like we shouldn't be working all the time, should we?

Either way, this makes me realize that time is a valuable resource these days. However I end up spending my time, I want to make sure that I'm spending it well.