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  • Added support for new opt-in experimental features to %USERPROFILE%\.wslconfig. For full info see the WSL docs update:
    • experimental.autoMemoryReclaim - Makes the WSL VM shrink in memory as you use it by reclaiming cached memory
    • experimental.networkingMode - A new networking mode for WSL that adds new features and improves network compatibility
    • experimental.dnsTunneling- Changes how WSL resolves DNS requests to improve network compatibility
    • experimental.firewall- Applies Windows firewall rules to WSL, and allows for advanced firewall controls for the WSL VM
    • experimental.autoProxy- Makes WSL automatically use the proxy information from Windows to improve network compatibility
autoMemoryReclaim=gradual | dropcache | disabled
  • Store WSL is now accessible from Session 0 (solves #9231)
  • All binaries shipped in the WSL package are now signed
  • Introduce experimental.autoMemoryReclaim setting to %USERPROFILE%\.wslconfig
  • Prompt the user to enable VMP if HNS isn't available on the machine
  • Fix localhost relay failing if ipv6 is disabled
  • Improve error message for WSL1 disabled policy to provide upgrade instructions
  • Fix microk8s scenario for mirrored networking
  • Create shared mounts when init sets up the distro namespace (solves #10410)
  • Detach user block devices before terminating the VM
  • Protect '.wslconfig' from being incorrectly translated
  • Add logic to generate a systemd unit to protect the binfmt interpreter (solves #8843)
  • Fix potential wslservice.exe crash.
  • Retry plan9 mounts on IO error
  • Update Microsoft.WSL.Kernel version
  • Display a notification prompting the user to install missing optional components
  • Add --manage <distro_name> --set-sparse to wsl.exe
  • Fix various issues with the 'Update available' notification logic
  • Update WSLg to 1.0.57
    • WSL GUI apps now have Windows snapping with the keyboard (Press WIN + an arrow key to snap to the side)
  • Update MSRDC to 1.2.4485