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LabDAO is an online life science research collective.

We provide and use open tools and infrastructure for computational life science research.

Access models for protein binder design, protein folding, and many more. Instead of setting up an open source model locally, get started immediately. Don't see a model you need? Let us know !

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Instead of spending time setting up and hosting a tool locally, interact with clearly defined input fields, get access to all parameters and kick off multiple jobs in parallel.

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No more crashing notebooks and lost files. Track your experiments, explore results, and download files easily.

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We onboard computational and laboratory applications required for high-impact life science research. By using an open-source peer-to-peer exchange protocol, members can collaborate globally without intermediaries.

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Our community consists of students, researchers, and engineers across the computational and pre-clinical life sciences. Join the community, learn from peers and form new ideas together.

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Have a project you are working on? Launch a project or apply to join an existing one. Our community can help you with questions ranging from grant opportunities, to cloud computing, to digital entity formation.

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We’re a group of scientists, operators, and engineers who’ve experienced the limits of academia first hand.

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"input": [


"name": "gp47_tail",


          " max_template_date": "2022-01-01",

"mode": "monomer_single",

"weights_download_url": "\_params\_2021-10-27.tar",

"db": "full",

"is_prokaryote": 0





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