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about the blogger writer

  • alias & era:

reverie / eve • late 20s

  • creatures:

two cats (willow & algernon1)

  • likes:

poetry, english breakfast blend tea, lemon poppyseed muffins, that point in the morning when the sun goes a kind of a pale buttery color through the windows, ttrpgs, trying new hobbies, and a very good book

  • dislikes:

being late, silence, the weight of existence, when my beverage is not the temperature it started at, alarm clocks, and yogurt with fruit in the bottom

current ventures

  • reading:

hopping around between books

2023 reading goal - 7 / 10

  • listening:

squirrel flower (in honor of my 2023 spotify wrapped)

stream “so hot you’re hurting my feelings”

  • hobbying:

in a slump (still)

(updated | 11/15/2023)

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  1. not their real names but a very funny (to me) riff on them. imo, the best part of internet anonymity is making up hilarious pseudonyms for everyone you reference from everyday life!