save for never

About two or three months ago, I, overwhelmed with too many things saved on my bookmarks and Pocket, decided to gather most of it on a Notion page. I called it "Backlog" and the goal was to have a place where I could add all this content I'm interested in, but that I never really stopped to check. I separated it loosely in some categories and intented to go through all that content gradually.

And you know what, I never did.

Not once have I opened that page other than to add more links. More things to look at, more things to read, more things to watch later. Focus here on the later, because so far this so-called later time hasn't happened yet. Not for lack of time, or excess of commitments, it just hasn't, other things ended up my priority.

I believe that in a way, the fact that it's so easy to save things for later makes us miscalculate our interest in it. "This interests me, just not now". Then, does it really interest me? Or is it more of a projection: I want to be a person who is interested in this, just not now, later.