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As the IPO market slowly comes back to life, it's becoming easier to understand just how far off the mark some startup valuations were back in 2021.

The company could sell as much as $616 million worth of its stock in its IPO.

Some fintech companies are weathering the storm better than others and seeing an end in sight.

Today we’re looking at where deals are getting done from a geographic perspective.

Here's how some AI-forward tech companies on the public markets are forecasting growth.

Tech companies are getting the hang of making money, or at least they're losing far less than they used to when money was cheap and "growth" was sexy.

We don't want to shock your system this early on a holiday week, but there aren’t very many web3-focused startups in the upcoming demo day contingent.

Managing returns efficiently is a necessity for online sellers; to keep their customers happy to retain them, but also because reducing their environmental impact becomes no longer optional.

When a group of startups works on a similar set of problems, they frequently bring about massive shifts in how day-to-day life is lived.

Are startups facing an insurmountable hurdle when it comes to leveraging LLMs and related technologies as effectively as their larger rivals?

Even with a single-digit tally, the last three months of this year could be the most active quarter by the count of IPOs we do care about.

Klaviyo could be the torch bearer tech startups have been waiting for. Let's dig into its IPO filing this morning to figure out how it's grown.

Can startups help solve the U.S. housing crisis? BuildCasa thinks so. It raised a $3.5 million round of pre-seed funding to let California homeowners build new homes in their backyards.

Quibbles aside, OnlyFans has proved that the creator economy is just as real (and profitable) as many founders and investors hoped.

From pricing new add-ons outright and raising prices for bundled offerings to simply getting an edge in negotiations, AI opens up a host of pricing strategies.

Proponents of capital efficiency may very well feel this is the medicine the market needed, pain be damned.

Arm's IPO could very well make or break investor and startups' appetite for more IPOs this year. What does the company have going for it?

After going on about tech IPOs and the ongoing drought for so long, I would like a change in theme, one driven by SEC filings and data.

A look at subscriptions in India from two angles: the consumer market and B2B SaaS.

There could be good news just around the corner, provided services with generative AI become as powerful as expected, and are as in demand as hoped.

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